Best Online Yoga Classes & Courses

Support Your Immune System With Yoga

399* INR Per Week For Indian Students

10* USD Per Week For International Students


Hatha Yoga

  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Stress Regulation
  • Develops Immunity
  • Awareness, attention, cognition
  • Tones the spine
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Diet Consultation

  • Relieves anxiety
  • Builds strength
  • Increases your mental focus
  • Brings confidence
  • Relaxes your spine, shoulders and neck
  • Stretches your lower back, hips, thighs, knees
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Weight Loss Yoga

  • Effective stress management
  • Reduces stress eating
  • Increases body awareness, relating to hunger
  • Mindfulness and mindful eating
  • Strengthens core and stamina
  • Leaves you feeling relaxed, fresh and focused
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Private Yoga Sessions

  • One-to-one training from an instructor
  • No distractions
  • Mindful breathing and movements
  • Calm environment
  • Great for people who suffer from mobility or injury
  • Confidence booster
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Group Yoga Sessions

  • Group energy
  • Provides motivation
  • Learn from each other's experiences
  • Make friends with like-minded people
  • Increases confidence
  • Develops a sense of competition
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Corporate Yoga

  • Improves concentration and decision-making skills
  • Improves posture
  • Enhances employee attitude and outlook
  • Increases morale
  • Better flexibility
  • Removes stress from the body and mind
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Online Yoga TTC

  • Great comfort
  • Learn yoga at your own pace
  • Develop a connection, with yourself and the world outside
  • Engage and interact
  • Connect with teachers across the globe
  • The new horizon of transformation within
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Teacher Training Program Online

  • Time and Location Flexibility
  • No travel involved
  • More Teaching opportunities
  • Diverse Teaching experiences
  • Increased student learning
  • Professional satisfaction
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Online Yoga Courses

  • Live Yoga classes
  • Advanced, interactive education
  • Practice at home, on any device
  • Classroom experience
  • Enrol any time
  • All eligible to join
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All you need is Skype or Zoom App downloaded on your Laptop/Mobile phone and a Yoga Mat or Blanket and we are ready for class.

You just need to fill the online form on our website.

Yes a Maximum of 4 to 5 members are allowed per online session.

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