Artho oil

Artho oil

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Product Description:

Artho oil a ayurvedic herbal based medicinal formulation in which very effective ayurvedic herbs and ayurvedic oils have been utilized to develop an exclusive pain relief . artho oil is one of the best solutions for various pain associated with muscles ,back , neck , legs , joints & shoulder the combination of various herbs and oils in formulation provide rich source of healing.

Benefits of Using :Artho oil is an instant pain relief solution to benefits in pain condions such as back pain, knee pain , leg pain , joint pain , muscles pain , stiffness , swelling arthritis , sciatica , lumbar , spondylosis , low back pain etc.

Side Effects :Artho oil is an herbal based medicinal oil helps in various pain condition through holistic approach . it does not cause and side effects .

Directions for Use :Apply 3 ml to 5 ml on the effected post gently massage for 5 minutes twich daily or as directed by the physicion . in chromic pain condition regular use of artho tablets along with artho oil helps in effective results .

Essential Instruction Cautions :

  • Not to be applied on open wounds or burns .
  • Use exclusively for external application .
  • Avoid spicy and deep foods.
  • Always wash your hands before and after use .
  • Should not be used it the patient has hyper sensitivity to any of the ingredients .