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Product Description:

Dizomap is a combination of six proven herbal digestives giving unmatched results for any type of constipation.

Dizomap is an extremely effective laxative without any side effects.

Today's lifestyle has us consuming fatty, spicy, preserved, refrigerated foods and strong condiments. Dizomap effectively corrects digestive disorders in those who regularly consume the same so that one may never stop enjoying the flavours of today's life.

Dizomap corrects imbalance of Samana Vata, Pachak Pitta and Kledak Kapha (Ayurvedic factors related with Digestion) to restore perfect digestion.

Dizomap is non habit forming.

Indications:General Constipation, Chronic Constipation.

  • Stimulates secretion of digestive juices and bile
  • Promotes higher absorption of nutrients by the body
  • Maintains a healthy digestion