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Vigoroyal-M, is a royal blend of rare herbs formulated exclusively for men keeping in mind his psychological and physiological needs as a whole. It is a potent rasayana that helps in improving Vigour, Vitality and Stress.

Lifestyle stress is slowly showing up in everyone's lives and has damaging results in energy, stamina, vigor, and happiness. Vigoroyal-M combats this damage to the whole body and provides benefits.

Vigoroyal-M (Rasayana For Men) Fulfils a man's ultimate desire for a strong psyche and a healthy body, so that he is able to face the challenges of life with confidence.

Vigoroyal-M is made with precious and time tested herbs having immunomodulator, aphrodisiac and revitalising effects. It is a 100% safe remedy without any side effects.

  • Vigoroyal M is a potent Rasayana helps in improving Vigour, Vitality and Stress
  • Made with Precious and Time tested herbs having immunomodulator, Aphrodisiac and Revitalizing effects
  • Enriched with Safed Musli,Kaunch,Shuddh shilajit,shatavari and Ashwagandha
  • 100% Safe , No side effect
  • Vigoroyal-M Rasayana For Men is totally safe, non-hormonal and without any side effects. Hence can be taken for a long period of time with pronounced effects and lasting results.

Dosage:2 tablets twice a day with water or milk or as directed by the Physician.